Welcome to GottaHavaHat, a small cottage industry in McCloud, California on the south slope of Mount Shasta. I am enjoying my 19th year of hat making and my 12th year online.

Greetings! After much thought, I've come to the decision to phase out my hat business over this year. I have LOVED creating this business from scratch and have met so very many nice people! I've been taking care of my mom for the last 6 years and need to spend more and more time with her. I really thought I could maintain my business as I took care of her, but I was wrong. I've been 'coasting' for a few years now, and just like on a bike - the wobbles have hit me! I can't give the business all the energy it takes any more so....THANK YOU, all you wonderful customers, you! Without you, I wouldn't have had a rewarding and creative business for all these years!

If you know someone who may want a hat...now's the time! I'll be closing up shop when my closed cell foam, (for the foam brimmed sunhats), runs out!

Spring/Summer 2015

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