Welcome to GottaHavaHat, a small and thriving cottage industry in very Northern California. I am enjoying my 18th year of hat making and my 11th year online and have never been busier!

I specialize designing and sewing unique and comfortable hats for ALL heads. I offer a wide variety of warm winter hats and caps for men, women and children such as cloches, pillboxes, beanies, stocking caps of all lengths and jester hats. I use only high quality fleece for my hats and socks, most of which is manufactured in the USA by Polartec.

I also design and sew functional and attractive summer sun hats for men, women and kids. These include wide brimmed hats, VERY wide brimmed hats, visors and even topless hats! I use Solarweave which has UV protection in the fibers and a UPF rating of "Excellent". I combine the Solar protective fabrics with beautiful cotton solids, batiks and fun prints to custom make the hat of your choice.
I'm just loving these!   *   *   *  FABRIC ART CARDS
Each and every one is a uniquely crafted piece of art - beautiful and functional at the same time! (Beauty and function...2 of my favorite things!)
I have been enjoying my new life here in McCloud, California, a small and charming old mill town on the south side of Mt. Shasta. Even though I am not off the grid these days, I still enjoy a simple life and, as always, make each and every hat myself!

Thanks again to all of you who have made my hat business a success - I sure couldn't have done it without you!

And, yes -
Susie - Spring/Summer 2014

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